The Single Road We Tread: SHYAF 2017

We make it back to China as often as our busy schedule permits; it is important to stay true to one’s roots. This time around, we returned with one specific goal in mind: exploring the young art scene exploding in Shanghai and sharing Lexie’s work.


The Shanghai Young Art Fair (or SHYAF) returned from a hiatus in 2016, promising to help eliminate barriers for developing artists to explore their craft and grow. Providing gallery space is only one small part of how they’re helping–SHYAF also promises significant cloud storage space in the digital realm for young people developing their artistic talents to store their work and more easily share it with the world.

The exhibit features young talents’ attitudes towards art under varying art categories through modern art. The fusion of tradition with contemporary is apparent throughout the gallery, and Lexie’s submissions for the exhibit were consistent with the purpose of the show.


The Shanghai Young Art Fair is working and growing in cooperation with ShanghaiMart, a unique partnership between the arts and corporate interests. ShanghaiMart hopes to function as a professional service platform delivering, among other things, a superior cultural experience throughout numerous industries including fashion. This partnership is a positive example of how large business can benefit society through the arts.


We look forward to seeing how SHYAF 2018 continues to develop their program for inspiring the artistic passions of the young in China.