Where a Man Became a Mountain

Deep in the forsaken wastes of the Salton Sea lies an explosion of color on an otherwise drab canvas. Armed only with his faith, an old van, and a half a bag of cement Leonard Knight dreamed of making his mark near a dried up riverbed. It began as only a week’s labor, to see what he could accomplish in seven days’ time. When that week had ended, he determined that he had longer to go. The year was 1984. Twelve years later he was quoted saying, “I was just going to stay one week. It’s been a very good week.”

I was just going to stay one week. It’s been a very good week. — Leonard Knight, 1996

Dedication to an ideal, any ideal, is a rare quality in a person. In the 3rd century, Leonard might have been called a religious hermit. Today, some may think of him in the same light, but we see him as a hero. Anyone who dares to be different, to exceed the bounds of the life expected of them should be regarded as one.

The man is gone, but the mountain remains

We found the mountain intoxicating and inspiring, in equal parts. What truly stands out about the energy of the place is that it is ultimately cyclical; it does not feel complete, does not feel constructed. It is both a beginning and an end, together.

As with many of our own undertakings, everything begins with a spark… and some paint.

You can’t help but feel a spirit of play here, where something so profound occurred over so long a span of time. An urge to spin, and dance, to pirouette. Or to be a little naughty.


We had to set aside our fun, and dig deeper…


…deeper still…


Until we washed out on the Yellow Brick Road. Feeling cleansed, and abjured against all harm.


Feeling renewed with love and light.