Divine Moments in Time

We are humbled to have had the privilege of dressing the models for this spring/summer season Gemorie 2018 Jewelry Fashion Show in San Gabriel, CA. The evening was magical–filled with beauty, elegance, and the pinnacle of current trends in jewelry.

A gallery of notables were present, from prominent LA bloggers to local government officials. We swam through the pleasant crowd like a warm sea.




The presence of sound proves the absence of a vacuum. When music rings in the air, you know you aren’t alone.




Clothing was provided by Michelle for the event, and all of the models were absolutely stunning. It was a night to remember; we took hundreds of photos, but present our favorites here.




An abstract by Lexie greeted entrants to the event. Low on potassium? Have a banana.


Painting by Lexie of Polar Bang Bang on display


The evening was a whirlwind of sparkles, gemstones, music, and smiles. Michelle takes a grateful and happy bow at the conclusion of the show.