The Hyde Park Mushroom House of Cincinnati

We did quite a bit of traveling recently, taking in these great States and all of the natural and unnatural beauty they hold. Sometimes that beauty lay somewhere in between.

While we visited Cincinnati, we took a jaunt through its Hyde Park neighborhood. A humble place with modest architecture, it is home to one of the haunting oddities of America: the mushroom house. Dreamed up by architecture professor Terry Brown, this house slowly transformed from 1992 to 2006 as the mushroom aesthetic slowly grew like fungus over its walls and roof.

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Only two years after its completion, Brown sadly passed away. We can only use our imaginations about what other growths and evolution he had in store for this unique domicile.


Warped shingles and chaotic curved staircases layered lovingly over years made this house into something at home in our hearts.


The glass-walled sun room protruding from the great mushroom dome allows occupants to stand on a perch of air and be part of the fairy tale magic.


Even in its mostly finished state, it is a permanent blessing to this chaste neighborhood. A never-wilting testament to one man’s outlandish vision for all to share.