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Biography – Lexie Huang

Passion Rooted in Diversity

Born in Shanghai, China, Lexie came to the States at the age of 13. Like most Chinese Americans in her generation, she found it difficult to adjust to American life. In her preteen years she lived exclusively with Chinese traditions and lifestyle; adapting to a completely new world wasn’t easy. For quite some time she harbored a wish that she’d been born in America without the need for reconciling her dual cultures.

Over the years, Lexie has come to embrace her original traditions. Passionate about her roots, she wants people in the United States and all across the world to know more about the rich tapestry that is Chinese history and art. Through the medium of visual art she describes a China that extends beyond Panda Express, President Mao, and their booming economy. Check out our art murals or studio pages to see her design work.